O discuție despre cum va arăta viitorul: will CBDCs replace traditional money?

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La IQ Digital Summit de la Brașov am avut ocazia să stau 15 minute cu Matthew Griffin, la o discuție despre cum se vede viitorul, întâlnire facilitată de prietenii de la BCR.

Nu am abordat subiectele zilei, Crypto și NFT, ci m-a interesat mai tare viitorul, cum îl vede el, legat de toate informațiile pe care tehnologia și roboții le au despre noi, care sunt pericolele la care ne expunem oferind datele noastre și ce putem face ca să evităm derapaje grave.

Am primit și niște întrebări de la prietenii digitali, am selectat 2 importante, pe care le-am dezbătut. Prima este cea de mai jos.

Urmează și celelalte, în articole separate.

Will CBDCs replace traditional money? How will this type of money be implemented and how much control will the issuing central bank exercise over transactions?

So when you look at Central bank digital currencies, obviously they’re an extension of crypto currencies and Bitcoin and all these kinds of different things and everything else. Now one of the reasons why Central Bank digital currencies are actually taking off is on the one hand organizing countries around the world want to replace cash because cash basis is expensive.

When you have a look at the amount of counterfeit cash that we have in the world, it’s something like $300 billion now just basically the US, you know, significant. Even though we’ve got all these fancy ways to actually protect our cash, that’s it. There’s more. In fact, there’s more counterfeit 1 pound coins on the planet than anything else, for example.

So on the one hand but the organizing a countries basically see this as a way of asking to reduce cash, cash handling business expense of cash. They also see it as a way to replace cash which means that they can increase tax receipts and so it looks a lot of people pay each other in cash to avoid tax. And also we see that when we actually have a look at things like economic control over which is what a lot of people don’t actually sort of typically pay attention to. On the one hand if you have a central bank, digital currency, you can now do quite a lot of interesting things with money. So for example. In China, where the rock have been rolling out the C&Y. We can tell. We can, we can monitor at a granular level what everyone is doing, what everyone’s buying and what they’re doing with one another.

So for the very first time when you actually start rolling out a CBDC at national scale, it gives you granular insights in real time into your entire economy, which then means basically you can actually stimulate, so either accelerate or decelerate different parts of your economy depending on what you want to do and then you can apply policies automatically.

So for example, if you have a look at say, Shanghai, we see that no one is buying coffee in Shanghai because we’ve been looking at the at the CBDC transactions, not necessarily blockchain but the CBDC transactions. And all of a sudden what we can do is to see the Chinese government how they can actually now push a notification to each each person’s phone and say „you have till the end of the day to spend this money on coffee in Shanghai” to stimulate that local economy.

Now in addition to that, when you look at things like CBDCs, firstly you can actually have the concept of expiring money, which again we actually see in China. So now I can actually, if you do something I don’t like as a government, I can just, I can burn your cash. But if you’re doing something like as a government would actually give you money that expires and then we can stimulate the local economy.

So CBC basically are born out of countries on the one hand need to control basically their money because they’re seeing them.

Things like Bitcoin, to other etc etc, I see it are really alternative forms of money. So one of the things I’ve sort of been talking to visa about is if you and I were happy to trade, so for example in Bitcoin or cans of Coca-Cola, whatever happens to be, do you ever need the US dollar, the euro or whatever, if I never cash out my can of cola?

So what we now have is when we talk about CBDC’s is we’re now starting to talk about the future of money and when we talk about the future of money and we’re talking about the future of the US dollar, the euro, name it. To that order, we’re talking about the value of the the value of objects which then when you have a look at things like decentralized finance, if I create is we’ve seen basically some out and the rest of the guys. X create a token and you were happy to trade that token with me and I’m happy to take your tokens.

Why do you need cash for that?

Articolul următor va fi despre „should we be concerned about more control that we are now having, regarding the digitalization of the processes and the relations with our government and citizens”.

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