About me

Andrei Cismaru


Marketing, digital, ecommerce and social media consultant, agile, results-oriented, with a growth hacking attitude.

Over 11 years of experience in digital marketing, social media and digital communication, in execution, implementation or management roles, as a representative of the end customer, in industries such as: retail, media, cybersecurity, FMCG, Sport or retail.

I have run over 100 campaigns as a blogger and online person, for clients in industries such as: telecom, finance, fmcg, services, retail, e-commerce or transportation.

Experienced in identifying innovative solutions to business challenges, aligning objectives with business needs and results driven approach.

platforms expertise

Magento Enterprise
Wordpress / Woocommerce
SalesForce Marketing Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics
Meta Business Manager

certifications and expertise

Google AdWords Advanced

Google Analytics Advanced

Google DoubleClick DBM & DCM

SQL querying & design database



Skills and capabilities

digital marketing strategy

content creation 

project management

product management

online sales campaign management

marketing communications strategy


Diana Pirciu

Hi! I’ve been working with Andrei for almost 2 years in Romanian Football Federation and I can say we had a very fruitful collaboration based on innovation, trust, and transparency. Andrei is definitively a creative person who can bring great ideas to the table, and also he is very pragmatic as he understands the situations very fast, trying to help at achieving great results. I remember Andrei helping me find an ambassador for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteering Programme, calling immediately his friend to make sure he does everything he can for the benefit of the project. In conclusion, I would recommend Andrei for the digital industry, as he is a loyal, professional and charismatic person.

Tudor Galos

I have been working with Andrei in multiple online projects, when I was consumer marketing director in Microsoft (for BitDefender products) and as a business consultant, involving him in several projects at my customers. Andrei is a marketing director with deep market knowledge and insights that he uses to design strategic marketing campaigns with clear KPIs aligned to business objectives. He understand the competition, the opportunities and the strenghts and he knows how to capitalize on them in order to obtain success and profit. I love working with Andrei in digital transformation projects, he is very serious and focused on success.

Roy B

Spearheading digital transformation and a new way of thinking is not always easy, but when you’re lucky enough to work with someone like Andrei it makes it all worth worthwhile. With all the colleagues I have worked with throughout my career Andrei was one of the best and most dedicated. Always willing to lend a hand beyond his scope of responsibilities with a contagious positive attitude. His knowledge and hands on experience in the digital arena make him a true asset to any organization and would absolutely recommend him as an employee and team player.